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Warranty and Returns Header - Information and Procedures

General Information


Who makes Patebury products?
Every process involved in manufacturing Patebury products is carefully performed by Joram or Cameron, from the selection of hides to the final boxing and shipment. This ensures every product meets their personal standards of quality, and can bear their names in the Patebury stamp.

Why are your products so expensive?
The high cost of a Patebury product comes from its superior materials. In order to produce a hard working long-lasting product, only the best materials are used. These are higher in price, but offer unequalled performance and longevity. For example, stainless steel buckles over nickel-plated buckles, solid copper rivets over tubular nickel rivets, kangaroo leather over bovine leather, and so on.

Where do you source your materials?
Patebury make it their first priority to source locally manufactured materials. Currently, all materials are made in Australia, excluding stainless steel buckles, as a manufacturer does not exist domestically. By supportorting Australian industry and building relationships with local manufacturers, materials can be easily tailored to suit specific applications, and quality can be overseen.

Kangaroo Leather

How do you obtain your Kangaroo Leather?
We select our leather from our local tannery, who have produced fine Australian leathers since 1883.

How is Kangaroo Leather sourced?
Every year the National Parks Authority conducts an annual census of kangaroo populations from each state to monitor population trends throughout Australia. This data informs a detailed Management Plan, which is constructed for the Federal Government Conservation Department, Environment Australia. This plan divides each state into regional zones, outlining recommended population harvest quotas, to reduce the risk of over-population, pastoral degradation and environmental imbalance. The Government then issues plastic tags to Government Approved harvesters to ensure that only the set quota can be harvested. After harvesting, they are processed at specialist plants for their meat and leather according to regulated procedures; all resources are used. This practice has been in place for over 30 years, utilising Kangaroo as a remarkable and sustainable Australian resource.

Why is Kangaroo Leather a better alternative to Cow Leather?
Kangaroo Leather is commonly acknowledged as one of the strongest lightweight leathers available. Studies conducted by the Australian CSIRO confirm that Kangaroo Leather has up to 59% greater tensile strength than cow-hide at similar thicknesses.1 This strength is explained via the uniform orientation of fibre bundles parallel to the skin's surface, an even distribution of elastin, and an absence of sweat glands and erector pili muscles.2 Unlike cow leathers that originate from farmed sources, Kangaroos are sourced from the wild. This wild upbringing, along with thousands of years of adaptation in Australia's harsh and rugged bushland, make Kangaroo Leather more durable and hard wearing than Cow Leather. Additionally, when compared to domestic farming, sourcing animals from wild populations (where they are felled instantly in their natural environment) avoids inhumane processes like herding, penning and transportation.3

Paypal and Payment

Do I need a Paypal account to make a purchase?
Not at all. Paypal checkout allows you to make transactions without an account, similar to any other credit-card transaction. Simply click the "Checkout with Paypal" button on the cart page, and once you have been redirected to the payment page, click "Don't have a paypal Account?" . Fill in your credit-card details and shipping address as usual, and that's it! No sign up is required.

Why do you use Paypal for transactions?
Paypal is one of fastest, easiest and most secure ways to shop online. With or without an account, you can safely purchase products with buyer protection and greater confidence.

How can I review my order invoice?
When your transaction was processed, a receipt was emailed to your nominated email address. This is your invoice. Alternatively, you can review your transaction by logging into your Paypal account at A printed invoice will also be included with your shipment.

Shipping Information

What shipping method do you use within Australia?
We use Australia Post Standard Document/Letter Service for flat items (Straps, Tool Rolls and Top Tube Protectors) and Standard Parcel Service for bulky items (Bags, Bars, Seats). The expected delivery time in Australia is 2-5 business days. Using the above method does not include tracking. However, if you select require tracking and select our Tracking Option, your item will be sent using Standard Parcel Service and will be provided a tracking number once your item has been sent. Expected delivery times are 2-5 business days.

What shipping method do you use Internationally?
We use Australia Post International Air Mail Document/Letter Service for flat items (Straps, Tool Rolls and Top Tube Protectors) and Air Mail Service for bulky items (Bags, Bars, Seats). The expected delivery time is 10-20 business days, depending on location. Parcels entering some countries may incur Customs import taxes and duties for which Patebury is not responsible. If you select our Tracking Option, your item will be sent using Pack and Track International (and if this is not available in your country, then Express Courier International Documents), for which expected delivery times are 5-15 business days.

My order hasn't arrived. What should I do?
If your order hasn't arrived within the expected delivery time, please contact us at, with your invoice number and we'll lodge and enquiry with our carrier. If your items do no arrive and our investigation criteria has been satisfied you will be entitled to a refund or replacement.

Warranty and Returns

Do you have a returns and warranty policy?
Indeed we do. Please click here for product warranty information and warranty/return procedures if anything is amiss.

Straps Information

Pedal Compatibility

What pedals are compatible with your straps?
To run double straps, a road, track, or touring pedal with front and rear strap-slots is required. To run single straps, a pedal with rear slots is required and must be cage compatible.

1 L.J. Stephens, Stratigraphic Analysis of Kangaroo Leathers, J. Am. Leather Chem. Assoc., 1987

2 J.H. Bavinton, D.E. Peters and L. J. Stephens, A Comparative Morphology of Kangaroo and Bovine Leathers, J. Am. Leather Chem. Assoc., 1987

3 RSPCA, Australian National Parks and Wildlife Service, Incidence of Cruelty to Kangaroos: Report to the Australian National Parks and Wildlife Service, 1985