Month: June 2020

June 30, 2020 Off By Stephanie M. Serrano

Do I Need A Bike Repair Stand?

A stand for works related to bicycles, which you usually see at the service shops, is a helpful tool to have.

But it comes with a cost. Firstly, you need to buy one, usually not at a low price at all. After getting the delivery, you need a space to set it up, which may be quite a lot. And to use it correctly without damaging your bikes, a lot of knowledge and skills need to be learned as well.

So do you really need it?

To answer this question, we need to think it out properly, starting with the issues coming with sending your bike to a repairman and the benefits a repair stand could bring to you.

Problems With Traditional Service Shops

The Feedback Sports Pro-Elite Repair Stand

The Feedback Sports Pro-Elite Repair Stand

Waiting time

Every rider must have been at least once get a repairman in a local shop to fix their bike. And that’s why you may already know why there is sometimes you can get annoyed with the services. One a busy day, you may need to wait for hours before they have a look at your beloved bike.

This is not for everyone.

Sometimes you just need a quick fix before going on a planned ride. You may even know how to do it, but you are not able to because you do not have enough tools in your house.