Do I Need A Bike Repair Stand?

Do I Need A Bike Repair Stand?

June 30, 2020 Off By Stephanie M. Serrano

A stand for works related to bicycles, which you usually see at the service shops, is a helpful tool to have.

But it comes with a cost. Firstly, you need to buy one, usually not at a low price at all. After getting the delivery, you need a space to set it up, which may be quite a lot. And to use it correctly without damaging your bikes, a lot of knowledge and skills need to be learned as well.

So do you really need it?

To answer this question, we need to think it out properly, starting with the issues coming with sending your bike to a repairman and the benefits a repair stand could bring to you.

Problems With Traditional Service Shops

The Feedback Sports Pro-Elite Repair Stand

The Feedback Sports Pro-Elite Repair Stand

Waiting time

Every rider must have been at least once get a repairman in a local shop to fix their bike. And that’s why you may already know why there is sometimes you can get annoyed with the services. One a busy day, you may need to wait for hours before they have a look at your beloved bike.

This is not for everyone.

Sometimes you just need a quick fix before going on a planned ride. You may even know how to do it, but you are not able to because you do not have enough tools in your house.


To make a benefit, the repair shop must charge you a high fee for the services and replacement parts if needed. If you are a casual rider, this might not be a big issue. But when riding is your serious hobby and sport, especially when you own a lot of models, this may add up quickly.


You can’t get to the service shop anytime you want.

They are just another normal workers, and they need off days too. They don’t open at 6 A.M. in the morning. So what is your solution? Cancel the planned ride with your friends?

Service shops have their places, but…

The Park Tool Deluxe Home Mechanic Repair Stand

The Park Tool Deluxe Home Mechanic Repair Stand

Don’t get us wrong. We have nothing against local repair shops. In fact, they are an important part of the community, contributing to the popularity of biking as a hobby, a sport, or just a means of transportation.

Even after buying a stand, there are situations when you may need to go to your local shops to ask for help, such as when you encounter issues there is difficult to deal with, or when you are too busy to do it.

Local bike shops are indispensable. But:

There are plenty of times you can do the maintenance, replacement, and decoration faster with the help of a repair stand in your own garage.

So how about doing it manually without a stand?

We do not recommend it.

You won’t like it when you must flip your bike upside down to adjust the derailleur, when you must look in vain for a small bolt you lose in the grass, or when you need to lean it against the wall.

This may get you even more frustrated than just send it to the service shop.

It is incredibly frustrating and difficult to work by yourself without a stand. All of us have experienced it before. Don’t save some money and let it drive you crazy every time a problem occurs.

It’s not worth it.

Benefits Of A Repair Stand

The Bikehand Bike Repair Stand

The Bikehand Bike Repair Stand

We have talked enough about the nuisances when relying entirely on your local bike shop or having to do the repair jobs without a stand. Let’s move on to the alternative solution, or how having a repair stand has the edge over other choices.

Repair your bike whenever and wherever you need

The chain is suddenly broken on the trip. If you bring a portable stand and the replacement parts, it will save your life. You can get your bike fixed quickly right on the road before continuing to your ride.

There is only one solution for that case, and it is a portable repair stand. It can rescue you from emergency situations. And when you get back home, it can continue to function as a repair stand in your garage.

This is why portability is one of the most important factors you usually see in the best bike stand reviews.


If you have repaired or maintained your bike manually without a stand, you must have known how it can affect your body. You need to stay on your knees, lie down on the floor, or crouch down.

These positions can even hurt you!

A suitable repair stand will enable more properly postures when you need to do your job, making keeping your bike in great condition less miserable.


The Spin Doctor Pro G3 Bicycle Work Stand

The Spin Doctor Pro G3 Bicycle Work Stand

With an initial investment, you can save a lot of money going forward.

Before this purchase, when a problem happens to your bike, be it a major or minor one, you need to go to the service shop to fix it up. And over time, this can cost you a lot, especially when you need to pay for the replacement parts.

With a repair stand and other tools at home, this is not true anymore.

There are various high-quality bike stands designed for home use that you can get without breaking the bank. Yes, it will cost more than a single service time, but after repeated visits to the bike shop, you will understand why it makes sense financially.


Attach your bike to a stand will make the repair easier.

To figure out the problem and get it fixed up, you will need a lot of stability. If you rely on a quick workaround but not a dedicated repair stand, this is usually unachievable. Without keeping the bike stable and still, you can’t do anything properly.

And this is when an appropriate repair stand can help you a lot.


The Recreational Bike Repair Stand

The Recreational Bike Repair Stand

Managing to hold, lifting, shift, adjust, and fixing your bike is hard to do at the same time, even with the help of one more person. This hectic method will keep you busy doing nothing useful instead of focusing only on the problems.

This is even true for simple jobs.

Even when washing the bike or lubing the chain, a stand will make these jobs more efficient and easier, tremendously improving the experience. Not just energy or time, it can save you from the stress as well.

Please don’t save money and buy a lot of frustrations.

A chance to learn more about your bike

There is no better opportunity to understand your bike than fix its issues by your own hands. You will learn more about it, and even figure out why the problems occur and how to prevent it in the future.

Common Problems You Can Fix With a Repair Stand

Having a stand of your own is valuable, but what issues can you address with it?

Well, for a start, from regular use, your bike parts will get worn out and eventually need replacement. Other common issues include diagnosing and fixing a flat tire, tightening a loose both, adjust the bike seats, and reattaching a slipped chain. All of them will be easier to deal with the help of a repair stand.


The Park Tool Deluxe Double Arm Repair Stand

The Park Tool Deluxe Double Arm Repair Stand

Having a stand in your garage will enable you to do the required regular maintenance and other emergency repairs right in your house without getting to the service shops.

If done frequently and correctly, maintenance jobs will reduce the risk that your bike stops working suddenly.

Sometimes it can even prevent serious incidents on the roads!

With a repair stand, you could work with your bike anytime you want because, you know, there is always a chance the repairman is busy when you need him the most. While it isn’t a small investment in the beginning, if you are a serious biking enthusiast, a manual and local tool can save you a lot of money in the long term.

After getting enough practice, you can repair and maintain your own bike with efficiency and convenience. And in the end, this is one of the best ways to learn more about it.

So, have you made up your mind yet? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.