About Us

Patebury is a company founded and run by Joram Salisbury (left) and Cameron Paterson (right). The name Patebury, is a portmanteau consisting of the first four letters of Paterson and the last four letters of Salisbury.

How Patebury Began

Cameron and Joram originally met whilst surfing, sharing a waterborne friendship for six months before their first conversation on land. Two weeks later, Cameron suggested Joram apply for a vacant position at his place of employment, knowing that Joram would be well suited to the work. Joram won the position, and shortly after, Joram and Cameron began cycling to work. At the same time, both also purchased old road bikes and began to restore them. During this time, a friendly contest developed with respect to the best restoration, and in the process both established a greater knowledge and fascination about cycling.

It wasn’t long before both were thoroughly swept up in bicycle restoration, and
their bicycle collection rapidly expanded to feed their enchantment. Deciding
they needed a small workshop (and storage space!) to share, they chanced upon
a retired foundry in Alexandria. There, whilst tinkering in their workshop each evening after work, they reconditioned and rebuilt components in technical detail with increasing exactitude. Each restoration led to research and brought to their attention a variety of component designs. From the practical to impractical, beautiful to unsightly, a respect and regard towards superlative components
started to envelop them.

During the restoration of one particular bike, kangaroo leather was trialled to
re-upholster the seat. Surprisingly, not only was kangaroo leather far superior
to cow hide for wet-moulding, it was also far stronger.

The thought arose: to make a single pedal strap from the off-cuts to complement the re-upholstered seat. Having next to no experience (illustrated by the catalogued prototypes), they went to work. After several attempts, they succeeded with the single strap and were pleased with the results. However, shortly after riding the new strap, the attached Italian (and well respected) pedal cage snapped, leaving them discouraged. Feeling the pedal cage was insufficient in offering them even and consistent support, they headed to the drawing board. The brief: A cageless system that promised a greater foothold. It was at this stage the focus changed from restoration to product development, Cameron and Joram left their full-time employment and Patebury began.

Twelve months of work followed, consisting of constant prototypes, local material sourcing, different production methods and design changes. After twenty-five prototypes and countless test rides, the design was finalised and the Kangaroo Leather Straps were ready for production.


Patebury make it their first priority to source locally manufactured materials and
to produce their products in-house, to ensure optimum quality and to support Australian industry, which is fast moving offshore.


A continuous vigour for superior componentry inspires Patebury to seek and deliver the absolute best, adopting a traditional approach based on reasoning and quality. This is what drives Patebury to seek new angles, develop unique designs, and produce them for riders alike.